Roller Blinds


Roller Blinds are also known as a Holland blind, these blinds will give your room or house a whole new look, they are stylish and contemporary blind which do not take up much room.


Our Roller Blinds are easy to use and they are chain operated with the choice of  either metal or a plastic chain.  Our Blockout Roller Blinds come with a Standard Silver Aluminium  base rail or we have a range of colours for Base Rails to perfectly complement the fabric of your blind.


Blockout  Roller Blinds  provide you with both maximum privacy and maximum protection from  all types of weather.


Highview Roller Blinds are Custom made; we have a large selection of Fabrics, Styles and colours to create that perfect look for you surroundings.




Blockout Roller Blinds installed on a Corner Window


White Rollerblind with White Base rail.  Installed with a Fabric Pelmet


White Rollerblind combined with Sheet Curtains


Translucent Fabric, which filters lights but gives privacy


Translucent Fabric which allows soft light but still gives privacy


Roller Blinds installed with a Fabric Pelmet


Fabric Pelmet with Blockout Roller Blinds